New Class & Time!

Are you hitting that RX button pretty much all the time?  Great! That is the goal: Get stronger, move faster, recover, repeat.

Starting  Monday, July 11th, we will be opening up 1 hour class: Monday and Wednesday at 4:30pm @AD and being instructed by Coach Theo.

This program is designed to accommodate the goals of athletes looking to maximize their potential as an athlete.

Athlete Off Season Program: Our off-season program caters to the athlete who would like to build strength, improve on their gymnastics skills and work on positioning in the Olympic lifts, all with an appropriate volume load so as to maximize recovery. Improving mobility is one of the primary goals of this program as well as building foundational strength and improving aerobic capacity. 


This Class is open for everyone however, this class is geared for the next stage.  If you are on the fence, feel free to email

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