Expanded HX Classes

H-town Nation,

Over the last year and half, we added another type of class called H|X. We offered this as a Saturday option for those looking for more and different from our core offering which is CrossFit.

We clearly heard that you love our core program and coaches and it’s what keeps you coming back. However, there was also a consensus that there was a great opportunity to offer H|X even more and be complementary to the existing CrossFit program

(Coach Karen on Dumbells, Wod Wars 2016)

For those that may not be familiar with our H|X class it consists of using all of the current equipment except the barbell, along with new equipment options such as  Assault bikes, and dumbbells and will provide an entire new selection of exercises and workouts. You can expect to burn a lot of calories in this class and work yourself to a leaner physique and improved conditioning! If you’d like to know what your fellow members think about it, then listen to some of the feedback we received over the last year……..

My overall experience with H|X was fantastic! This is just the addition to H-town that I wanted! I’m excited to incorporate this into my ”workout regime.

I’m burning more calories with the new H|X program than I did in the regular classes, and I’m really enjoying the workouts, too.

I think the new H|X workouts are fantastic, and my overall experience has been really positive.

The new H|X program leaves you feeling accomplished…and you feel like you’ve done something worthwhile at the end of each class.

To be clear, we are not leaving our CrossFit programming. That class will always be central to who we are and what we do. And for those of you who are looking to compete at the next level then you will definitely want to strive for our RX+ for the most advanced clients.


SIMPLY H|X workouts are less technical from a movement perspective, meaning you can start challenging yourself right away. The exercises used and the way they are programmed in this class allow for intense workouts with less soreness than the CrossFit program.

Still Intense, But With More Focus On Calorie Burn:

H|X  workouts are designed to stimulate your metabolism, and leave you with an after-burn effect that keeps your metabolism elevated for up to 12 hours after your workout. It can be incredibly effective as your sole program, or can be the perfect complement to our CrossFit program that allows you to get in extra workouts each week without feeling beat up

Fun, Very Fun, and Extremely Fun Ratings:

So just how fun is H|X?  Of those over the last year that have participated in the Saturday program, 96% of your fellow H-town members love these new workouts! And we are confident you will too. Because we’ve removed all the barbell work and highly technical skill in the H|X program, there are no more dropping weights from overhead, no more heavy Deadlifts, and no more struggling with movements that take a long time to master. But have no fear – if you love the competition, heavy barbell work, high skill emphasis, and intense workouts that we do now, you’ll love the new direction of the CrossFit programs.

(Assault Bike work, Wod Wars 2016)

Let’s look at some of the logistical questions you may be having at this point:

Q: When will the new  H|X classes start?

A: They just did 2 weeks ago! Each of you will have the option to schedule for an H|X class or a CrossFit class with your existing membership through your app. Simply change the program in the drop down menu

Q: What new equipment will be added?

A: We have added 5 Assault bikes, and a wide range of dumbbells. Coming next: battle ropes

If you competed in Wod Wars this year then you know all about the Assault bike! This is one of the simplest tools out there for pure cardiovascular conditioning and fat loss! The bikes will be utilized in all of our program offerings.

With the battle ropes, you get out of it what you put into it! The ropes can be done with great intensity and very little learning curve. The Dumbbells are another great addition to our free weight selection – they allow for easy scales, additions to our exercise library, and new challenges for athletes in all of our program offerings.


H|X classes have now been added to the evening weekly schedule.



Please be flexible with us as we know change can be hard but we want to come up with the best options that can serve the majority of our clients. We will be certainly looking for your feedback on what works best.


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