Back Squat gainz

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For the next 8 weeks, we will be applying a principle in strength and conditioning known as The Principle of Progressive Overload.

We will be targeting one movement: our back squat.

Beginning at high reps with low weight, we will have a systematic approach to gradually work to low reps with high weight over the 8 week period.

Progressive overloading is effective because it places stress on your muscles, which results in your body adapting to the stimulus.

We will have a back squatting session one time per week during CrossFit class. The dates that we will be back squatting will be posted on the anouncements in Wodify.

If you want to see gains in your back squat, make sure you attend all back squatting dates and be accurate on your percentages throughout sets.


Check out this Educational video from Juggernaut Training on Progressive Overload.