5 Ways to Add Fitness To Your Day

5 Ways to Add Fitness To Your Day


We all lead busy lives. If we are not careful, our fitness is sometimes the first thing to go and before you know it, we are feeling left with less energy. Here are five ways you can add fitness to your day:



  • Increase Physical “Work”


Technology has caused a major shift in the way humans live and made physical activity an optional daily occurrence. Luckily with a creative mindset we can still take advantage of many events in our days that are ripe for the picking with good old fashioned labor. Try some of these challenges to increase your work capacity throughout the day:

  • At the grocery store steer clear of the shopping cart.  Try to only use a basket (or two) to carry your food. As you navigate the aisles you’ll be improving your grip and building core strength with a bonus deadlift thrown in any time you set your basket down. By choosing to carry the items you will also develop awareness around what you’re purchasing. The bottom line, you get more fit and only the essentials make it home. Your inner hunter-gatherer will be proud!
  • Park far away in the parking lot. It’s just as fast as driving up and down the lanes to get as close as possible.
  • Take the Stairs. Every step counts and if you’re really motivated try throwing in some lunges.
  • Leave the car in the garage.Take a new approach to your daily travel and try to walk or bike to work.


  1. Stretch It Out (Every Chance You Get)

A terrific habit to build is to practice full range of motion and proper biomechanics in the daily activities you already do. How many times a day do you catch yourself hunched over, chin to chest with your neck craning to look into a screen. Ouch! Focus on good posture with shoulders back and eyes gazing straight ahead. See how it affects your mood, confidence and energy levels!

  • While grabbing items off of a bottom shelf or cabinet, hold the bottom position of a squat and drive your knees out to the sides. Spending 10 minutes a day in the bottom of a squat can be life changing for your spine, hips, and knees!
  • If you’re talking on the phone or typing at your computer incorporate ankle rolls at the same time. Rotate your foot at the ankle as if you were at the beach writing your name in the sand with your toes. Make sure to practice each letter of the alphabet.
  • Driving to and from work? This is a great time to work on externally rotating your shoulders while sitting up tall with a proud chest.


  1. Equalize The Sedentary Activities

Take advantage of time that doesn’t require movement to work postural muscles or build in fitness breaks. Alternating work and rest periods will increase metabolism and improve circulation. This can even be a great opportunity to develop your strength. By practicing strength daily you can make remarkable improvements in a short amount of time. Strength is a skill and the majority of initial gains in strength are due to neuromuscular adaptations to training.

  • For office work or writing try a standing desk or treadmill desk.
  • If you’re at home watching television try to practice push-ups, squats, or core exercises  during the commercial breaks. One popular method technique is called “grease the groove. The premise is simple, pick a movement you want to improve at and perform a set of the exercise with half of your maximal reps (eg. if your max number of pullups is 10, you will want to perform sets of 5). Rest at least 15 minutes between sets. Repeat as often as possible throughout your day.


  1. Get Outside Every Day

Getting outdoors is the perfect chance to reset and reconnect with your body. Whether it’s a park you swing by on the way home from your work or stepping out on the back porch with your morning coffee making time for the outdoors is an essential. Moving outside requires us to apply our bodies to move in new and challenging ways. Some recommendations:

  • Climb a tree, seriously when was the last time you did? Go now, you can thank me later…
  • Walk or run barefoot. Connecting your feet with the dirt, grass, or sand feels great, allows full range of motion, and strengthens the feet.
  • Find a rock, log, or another odd object to be your new “pet rock”. Take your new found pet on a walk and enjoy this new test of fitness.


  1. Find A Community

One of the best ways to add fitness to your day is to surround yourself with people who care about their health. Positive social support has been proven to improve adherence to exercise and dietary habits. If you feel like you need help in achieving your health and fitness goals maybe joining a tribe of people on the same journey is the best way to add fitness to your day!


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Do It Right

Do It Right

One of the things I love about CrossFit is that it has allowed me do things and accomplish feats that I never though possible. When I walk into the box I am ready to do more and more. I feel like I can do anything. I have become addicted to that feeling. I yearn for it and don’t want to be without it. I look forward to that high. Some times I push and push to the point of my own detriment. This is the point I want to talk about.

We go to the box to get better. As long as we are better when we leave then when we walked through the door, we have accomplished our goal. But what does “better” mean? Does it mean that I have to PR every time I show up? Or does it mean that I have to push myself until I throw up every workout? Maybe it means that I push myself to that 50/50 point. You know, that moment in the workout that you tell yourself that you’re on a roll, but its 50/50 you hurt yourself on that next lift. I am not saying I am right I am just saying it happens. Or how about when your shoulder is sore but you do snatches anyway? Maybe its day four in a row and you know you should take a rest day, or a day for mobility and stretching.

Getting better can mean doing one more rep at the same weight perfectly. This builds motor patterns that will allow the particular movement to become “second nature”. Maybe the increased mobility will allow you to get deeper and more comfortably into the bottom of that squat. Maybe that saves your back or shoulders from excess force that would cause injury. What if the rest you get that day allows you to push more next time and you finally hit that PR. The PR you wouldn’t have hit with lactic acid filled muscles that have been fatigued for three weeks.

Remember that we are playing the long game. If you are like me and you have chosen CrossFit as your preferred mode of exercise, then you will be doing it for a long time. There is no rush. Pace yourself and do it right. Don’t workout an injured joint or muscle. Don’t exercise 37 days in a row. And don’t put your health at risk because of your pride. What you should do is work hard, listen to your coaches, scale when needed, and be patient and consistent. Your gains will come much quicker when you do it the right way.