Named Among America’s Top Gyms by Men’s Fitness, Sweat RX, Spot Me Girl, Houston Chronicle


So you’ve heard about this CrossFit thing, and now you’re looking to get started? Or maybe you don’t know the first thing about it and you’re on the hunt for a new workout regimen. Whatever brings you to H-town Athletic Club, you’ve found yourself a new fitness home and an exciting place to find out just what your body is capable of doing and becoming.

What is CrossFit? It’s literally, “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” What does that mean? It means the methodology is based on 3 things:1) it’s always different,2) you move better in life, 3) it’s quick and effective.

What makes H-town Athletic Club stand out from the rest? We’re the best at executing the methodology than anyone else around. Our family of coaches are the most knowledgeable, experienced trainers as well as being some of most accomplished CrossFit athletes in the country and region. Our members are the best. Coming from all walks of life at every fitness level, they come to H-town Athletic Club with the same goals that you have — fitness, health, lean bodies, strength gains, training for specific sports — we all have our own reasons for seeking fitness and H-town Athletic Club is where you’ll find it.

Let us show you why H-town Athletic Club has been named among America’s and Houston’s Top Gyms by numerous fitness resources.

There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.

John F. Kennedy

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With 1 membership, you have access to 2 locations: CrossFit H-town “Arts District” and CrossFit H-town “Heights.” Our convenient schedule offers 100 classes per week to suit the most hectic schedule. And when you become a part of the H-town family, enjoy the extras not available at most other facilities. We have athlete lounges at both locations and we’re stocked with professional-level equipment. (We’re talking a dedicated Olympic weightlifting center with Eleiko bars and plates!) There’s enough top-of-the-line equipment to support our big, happy community during all of our fun, high-impact workouts.

  • For someone who had never tried CrossFit before joining H-Town, I was terrified of everything that could go wrong, and the coaches here have helped me feel at ease. I still have a lot to learn, but between the staff and other members of the gym, I have never had more fun or been able to push myself harder than I do here.

    Zandra Ewell

  • This place is awesome. You can do Crossfit anywhere. But here they listen and are incredibly responsive offering all kinds of support, injury recovery and general rehab services. No matter your fitness level, you'll get healthier if you join up and tell them what you need! Been here for 3.5 years now and don't regret it.

    Shaun Forward